Copywriting | Digital Content Design | Social Media | Other Stuff


A copywriter writes to:

  • inform the reader
  • persuade them to do something, be it:
    • click 'buy'
    • find out more
    • contact you
    • take some kind of action

Anybody can string a few words together, so why hire a copywriter? Because creating good copy isn't always about good grammar. It's about:

  • understanding the intended audience and their needs
  • writing in a language that speaks directly to them
  • using a tone of voice that represents your brand but that your customers can connect with
  • making it optimised for digital, but written for people

I write copy that's engaging and conversational, that properly represents you, your business, your brand and your products. Take a look at who I've worked for, then contact me if I can help you.

Digital Content Design

I support companies with the development, design and execution of their online content, including:

  • audit, review and edit of existing content
  • re-structure and re-write of content
  • creation of new content - web pages, blog posts, social media updates, online tools, content for apps
  • improving the customer experience and their journey through your content
  • archiving policies

I make sure your website or service meets the needs of your customers as clearly, simply and quickly as possible. There's more here about copywriting and content design.

Social Media Management

Managing multiple social media accounts is time consuming. Unless you have staff dedicated to the task it takes you away from what you do best. And that costs you time and money. Do you know when to post content or comment and when to say nothing? Or when to engage, interact and collaborate? No? I do and I'm more affordable than a full time staffer. But it's not just about cost; it's about the conversation. Ask yourself, can you afford not to be heard? If you're not on social media, you can bet your competitors are, and they're taking your business.

Other Stuff

I can also help with:

  • Wireframing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • User Testing

and if you need a great designer, a first rate brand planner, a full-service marketing agency or a front-end/back-end coder I can recommend some very talented people. But be a pal and say I recommended them if you contact them directly.