A bit about . . .  


I'm David Potts. Born and bred in Newcastle. Hard working, friendly, flexible and keen to do a great job. I'm always happy to discuss new ideas and projects, focusing on the art of the possible with a positive can-do attitude. But don't just take my word for it; see what my clients have to say. 



Why hire me? 

The short answer is versatility. Why pay for a full-time copywriter, digital content designer or social media manger, or web usability tester, able to do only one job when you can hire me by the hour, the day or the project. I'll be your copywriter, I'll do your social media or content management and I'll do web usability testing. Or any combination of all. Plus other bits and pieces too. 

My experience

I’ve spent my whole career writing. Including writing for:

  • websites
  • printed products
  • mobile apps
  • social media

 plus a couple of freelance articles for one or two more esoteric publications and letters to get a fair deal for others. 

I've done Business Reports for managers and IT specifications for enterprise projects in large organisations. I've drafted letters for Members of Parliament. I've written program-code, drawn business-process flow-charts. I've written test scripts for massive IT changes across multiple systems. My various roles have included:

  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Information Architect
  • SEO analyst
  • Usability Tester
  • Requirements Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Business Analyst

 They all have one thing in common: writing, lots of writing, and I love it.

My company

I've been freelance since 2008. My business and trade name is Word Concepts; I traded under that name until 2013. But with a change of focus I felt it was time to rebrand so to reflect the personal style I prefer I now work under my real name.   

My clients

I've worked with companies large and small from sole traders up to No 10 and the Prime Minister's office. Whatever size your company, however big or little the job, talk to me. Five hundred web pages or five line flyer? I'll do both. 

I've worked for these companies, lots of others too, and would love to work with you. 

  • HM Government Cabinet Office
  • The Prime Minister's Office
  • Dept. for Work & Pensions
  • East Coast Railways
  • Hadlow Edwards
  • Harrington Brooks
  • Harrogate Holiday Cottages
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • National Express East Coast
  • NST School Tours
  • WST School Travel
  • Oddfellows Chester
  • Parkers Promotional Products
  • Path Intelligence
  • TRiUS Engineering
  • Visit Chester
  • Visit Cheshire
  • Yorkshire Cancer Research