Terms and Conditions

My simple terms and conditions: 

  1. You provide a clear creative brief (with my help if you need it).
  2. We agree the cost of each job up front or I charge on an hourly basis at a pre-agreed rate, up to a pre-approved limit if you wish.
  3. At my discretion I may ask for a 25% deposit before work starts, 25% payable when you receive the first draft with the balance payable on completion of the work. 
  4. I provide an initial first draft of work based on your brief and up to two sets of minor amendments. Comments  on draft copy must be made within 7 days (or later by mutual agreement) otherwise I will consider the work to be finished and will invoice you accordingly.
  5. Additional amounts may be payable if the brief changes, you ask for extra content or bring the deadline date forward.
  6. You pay me the agreed amount within 7 days of the date on my invoice or by an agreed date. Payment to be made by bank transfer. I do not accept payment by cheque.
  7. Copyright remains with me until your bill is paid in full, at which point copyright transfers to you.